A specialist development company with a focus on green energy from waste assets

Facilitating access to low carbon income streams which generate 24 Hours a day • 7 days a week • 52 weeks a year


Thermeco is a clean energy developer owned by an investment trust with a unique understanding of the UK energy from waste market.  The management team has an outstanding track record within the financial, construction, development and energy technology markets covering the private and public sector.

We are positioned to provide a platform for funds to extract value from green energy initiatives working alongside UK Local Authority, large corporate consumers and land owners.

Thermeco was founded as an investment research & development company into renewable energy after corporate experience redeveloping the South Wales British Coal portfolio through recovery of the valuable commodities and delivery of mixed tenure assets on the remediated land.

We are comprised of a team of experienced and qualified professionals covering:

  • Property development 
  • Asset management
  • Construction & chemical engineering
  • Thermal technology selection including operation & maintenance
  • Legal contracting
  • Waste procurement, handling and processing
  • Structural engineering and utilities infrastructure 
  • Chartered accounting

Thermeco is located in Manchester and London. Through our experienced team and partners, we offer investors access to integrated infrastructure assets across the UK.

We have a very clear and focused development platform for growth with proven technical supply chains for projects which investors can achieve long term clear and measurable cashflows


John Field - team picture

John Field

Chairman and Founder
Jonathan Field BA (Hons.) - team picture

Jonathan Field BA (Hons.)

Chief Executive Officer
Bill Tolmie - team picture

Bill Tolmie

Commercial Director
Haroon Rafique BSc (Eng), FCA, CertPFS, Cert CII(MP), ACSI - team picture

Haroon Rafique BSc (Eng), FCA, CertPFS, Cert CII(MP), ACSI

Financial Director
Prith Rajendran B’Eng, CEng MIChemE - team picture

Prith Rajendran B’Eng, CEng MIChemE

Non Executive Technical Director
David Kingsnorth - team picture

David Kingsnorth

Chief Financial Officer
Daniel Barker MRICS - team picture

Daniel Barker MRICS

Real Estate Director
Michael St Pierre - team picture

Michael St Pierre

Solar Power Specialist


Following market analysis and thorough feasibility investment, Thermeco have secured a robust, proven and warranted supply chain for a profitable application to a huge waste market which has a significant thermal processing capacity after recycling.

The localised approach to thermal treatment post recycling & recovery significantly reduces national carbon footprint and will divert waste from landfill and remove the need to export millions of tonnes of waste every year.

The energy generating assets will feed electricity to the national grid and combined heat and power to local mixed use consumers. 

Thermeco will undertake the following work on the appropriate sites under control:

  • Planning permission & environmental permitting
  • Waste fuel provision
  • Power off-take identification with integration directly to consumers where possible
  • Independent technology feasibility
  • Instruction of supply chain contractors
  • Design and construction management
  • Operational management of the facility

Solar Power 

Thermeco will look to integrate where possible the most efficient solar generating technology to complement the thermal power either from roof tops or ground mounted.  Our in house team can quickly appraise and procure the technology according to the site specfic conditions.  This type of long term generation will provide a faster programme to revenue and can supplement the overall yeild of a project.

Energy from Waste is a reliable power source that provides predictable capacity and supports the waste recycling industry. Thermeco has identified a number of strategic locations for implementing a pipeline of thermal facilities at a scale that ensures an abundant long term supply of feedstock.

Thermeco will only work with proven robust technology companies that have a track record of successful delivery in Energy from Waste. These supply partners have been identified, costed and specified subsequent to thorough and independent due diligence.

The business model does not rely on government subsidy. Electricity output and heat generated can be fed into the National Grid or sold directly to end-users seeking to offset their carbon footprint.

Project Warboys


A typical project will provide steady state green electricity to the national grid to reduce the UK’s reliance on fossil fuels. Each project will divert at least 40,000 tonnes per annum of waste from landfill with merchant feedstock partners secured to service the facilities at competitive gate fees and most importantly, processing with reliable thermal technology. All equipment adheres to UK environmental regulations and will be regulated by the Environment Agency with constant emissions monitoring.

These plants provide a source of heat to nearby consumers in line with UK & international carbon reduction initiatives.

Power Your Future


One of our key skills is to identify thermal technology suppliers which can be applied to different projects processing different waste streams.  We consider technology viability based on:

  • Independent technical review
  • Operational data from existing operational installations of relevant scale
  • Commercial viability, considering value for money and company robustness
  • Supply chain viability, ability to deliver and capacity
  • Performance Guarantees and Operational Contracts

Each of the above considerations will be understood and interpreted so that investors can review the risk profile of each technology supply chain according to their appetite.

Thermeco can provide access to additional warranty options that would underpin the financial performance of a project.

Each project's income will be secure in a bouyant merchant waste market with the revenue streams underpinned by the ability to secure on flexible terms to the benefit of the SPV.

Energy from Waste will provide a key role in the provision of large scale heat on a district level to mixed use developments.  The UK has made a significant commitment to move away from energy generation by natural gas which currently is the method by which the large majority of heat is generated in comercial and residential development.

Comercially, the significant green heat generated will be beneficial to each project installed.  An integrated Thermeco project will make a scheme from another market place more viable as we contribute to their reduced energy costs and improve the consumer's carbon footprint.


Where possible and working in partnership with our existing client network Thermeco will provide electricity and heat direct to consumers whilst working to store this energy & carbon through modern balancing technologies; thereby increasing project yeild for our investors, as well providing opportunity for newly connected-developers to benefit from reduced energy cost.


This truely is the future of energy generation and consumption.

A localised waste network with integrated energy generated from this material after recycling will contribute significantly to the national comittment towards decarbonisation of the United Kingdom.


In the recently published report No Time To Waste - Resources, Recovery & The Road to Net Zero it majored on the fact that half of Britain's waste ends up going to landfill, being exported or fly tipped in green spaces.


It is an urgent issue that we must manage as a nation, in the most resource efficient way, whilst also considering both net-zero and the post-COVID ‘Build Back Better’ agenda.

The report takes as its start point that waste management must be a key consideration as the UK’s focus shifts to net-zero carbon by 2050 and to addressing the long-term impacts of COVID-19. They reaffirm reasons why resource management and improving resource efficiency has been a central theme throughout a wealth of recent legislation.  The inquiry concluded that EfW has an important role to play in the transition ahead of us: both as the lowest carbon solution for managing residual waste, but also by providing low carbon heat and supporting other sectors’ decarbonisation efforts. It also recognises that the UK can do more to further decarbonise EfW, by getting fossil-based plastics out of the residual waste stream, and with government support to explore new carbon capture and storage technology (CCS).


Thermeco exists to provide a platform to investors to access this continuously burgeoning green market.




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